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Aptitude Assessment System

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Test employees, students or job applicants through ubiAptitude – a web based aptitude assessment software. ubiAptitude is an online aptitude assessment tool to find the best-fit candidates quickly & easily. Reduce bad hiring upto 80%. Recruit in no time! Increase hiring efficiency many times.

Our pre-employment screening system can be used to test job applicants. It ensures FOCE – Fair, Open, Consistent and Explainable approach to your recruitment and selection process. Even existing employees can be assessed through skill gap analysis.The aptitude results can help Schools,Colleges and Educational Institutes to certify & steer the students in the right career path.

Types of tests

Through our aptitude testing software you can provide a battery of tests to check the job-fit - verbal reasoning, numerical ability, communication skills, technical tests. The aptitude software helps test KSA - knowledge, skills and ability of the applicants. Through our aptitude testing the organizations can also setup psychometric tests that determine the attitude, culture-fit and behavior of candidates.

Setup KSA test easily with web based aptitude assessment software

Psychometric Tests

  • Anxiety Disorder Tests
  • Leadership Tests
  • Managerial Potential Tests
  • Personality Tests

Skill tests

  • Programming Tests
  • Tests for Electricians
  • Tests for Accountants
  • Tests for Architects

Cognitive Tests

  • Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • Analytical Ability Tests
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Thinking Ability Test

Language Tests

  • Content Writing Tests
  • English Comprehension Tests
  • Grammar & Spelling Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests