Employee Shift Scheduler App - Features

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Shift Planner App

ubiShift is a shift planner & attendance management app by which organizations can manage their work shifts efficiently.

Quick & Easy shift rotation

Reschedule shifts for thousand of employee in minutes. Assign multiple employees to a single shift in a go.

Multiple Time in Time Out

ubiShift App offers biometric Attendance for multiple Time in & Time out & combined reporting.

4 ways secure

User ID + Time + Selfie + Location. Put a stop to buddy punching.

Visit Reporting

Track field staff visit in real time. Get complete info on location, time & photo.

Sites monitoring

Control your site employees or field staff by having a graphical view of no. of Employees on each site along with detail.

Powerful Reports &graphs

Track late comers, early leavers, absentees, employee’s overtime & Undertime.

Login through QR code

Device identifies employees by Email / Phone / QR code scans. Employees who are Non-tech savvy can punch Time in & Time out without any trouble.

One Stop Solution

Along with shift planning ubiShift App includes Employee Attendance management, field staff tracking & payroll reports.

Data Safety

Employee data is fully secured on cloud. No more fear of data loss.

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ubiShift App

Assign shifts quickly. Manage Attendance effortlessly. Track visits surely.