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Class Attendance

Class Attendance mode. Teacher can quickly punch Student Clock-in and Clock-out time in one go through the phone. No more Attendance Registers.
Track Absenteeism through attendance app
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Student & Staff Attendance

Whether time tracking is required for Colleges, Schools, Coaching classes or Private tuitions, ubiSchool App offers sure attendance. No more proxy!

Curtail Absenteeism

A mail alert is sent out to the parents as soon as the student’s attendance is marked. Frequent absenteeism can be curtailed. Minimum required attendance for each student can be ensured.
Monthly attendance Summary
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Instant Attendance insight

Attendance App for Education Institutes can give you an insight on late comers & Early Leavers. You can maintain accurate Attendance reports for Staff, Teachers & Students.

Attendance email alerts to parents

Child security can be established. The parents will get email alerts when their ward reaches the school. The Principal or the School Admin will have Absentees list of the entire school in his hand in real time.
Monthly attendance Summary

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Foolproof Attendance for Students & Teachers