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Language Assessment Test

“Language testing is the practice and study of evaluating the proficiency of an individual in using particular language effectively”~ Priscilla Allen (University of Washington). Language tests are important in all industries. Types of language tests are

English comprehension tests

English comprehension tests allow you to judge how candidate can absorb language elements and use them in meaningful way. You need an employee who can understand your instructions well. These tests include vocabulary tests, rephrasing tests, unseen passages, reading comprehension etc.

Content writing tests

Content writing tests are for those job applicants who applied for writing role in a company. Content writers are required extensively by business houses, advertising companies, and digital marketing firms. These tests will examine the way the candidate connects with the target audience through his writing and thought process.

Grammar and spelling tests

Grammar and spelling tests are the basic language tests. Good grammar is essential for business communication. You should hire a candidate who does not create grammatical errors in writing. To make your company work in professional manner you should select those job applicants who can crack punctuation tests, arranging words tests, test for verbs and nouns etc.