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Cognitive ability tests

Cognitive ability tests might not be the only factor to fill your vacant roles but it can be the most significant one. Cognitive ability tests allow hiring those who respond intelligently in complex situations. These tests can be used in educational Institutes, IT sector, law firms, hospitality Industry, real estates, banks and call centers. Different tests come under cognitive ability tests:

Cognitive assessment

Cognitive assessment contains tests like reasoning, numerical ability, inductive logic, intelligence quotient and consensus based assessment. Cognitive tests are important to examine candidate’s psychology as well as his intelligence to process information. They are designed to study how quickly a candidate can take accurate decisions.

Thinking ability tests

Thinking ability tests allow you to check candidate’s ability to come up with original ideas. This test covers points like reasoning, evaluating, analyzing, decision making and problem solving. These tests include critical thinking ability tests, test for analyzing graphs and data, situational judgment tests etc.

Abstract reasoning

Abstract reasoning tests measure the ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data. Through abstract reasoning tests you can understand to which extent your candidate is efficient in learning new skills…. whether he is capable of analyzing organizational data in a logical manner.

Analytical ability

Analytical ability tests study how effectively a job applicant can scrutinize and analyze a and solve the associated problems. This test will help you to forecast candidate’s professional acumen and growth.