Real Time Tracking App – How it works

Time attendance management app

Our Attendance Genie works unattended across all locations & all shifts. Punching Time in and Time out is as easy as 1-2-3 with our Time clock app.

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Clock time in 4 easy steps

Step by step process to punch Attendance

Ubitech Solutions solves the problem for the HR managers and the Business owners. Now Employees anywhere can Clock in and clock out through an extremely user friendly time tracking app for marking attendance.

How our App works?

  • The device identifies the Employee through Login or QR code.
  • Sales executives can now mark their time from the field in seconds.
  • The location along with the time as per the world clock time and profile picture will also be captured.
  • The Time tracking software also generates all kinds of reports for the management – they can now keep a close track on defaulters.
There is no way the managers can be fooled. To see whether our Time & Attendance management solution is appropriate for your business, check all the features of ubiAttendance.

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