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Attendance App for your Construction Site

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Bulk Attendance

Bulk attendance can be captured in seconds as the QR codes are scanned swiftly, followed by the worker’s selfie to finish the attendance capture. Location & punched time details are captured in the background simultaneously.

Track Absenteeism through attendance app
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Attendance Kiosk

Marking Attendance for a large workforce in construction site is effortless through the QR Code functionality of the Attendance app. In the Kiosk mode the site workers need not have a phone to mark their time. The supervisor’s phone or a dedicated tablet doubles up as an attendance Kiosk.

Missing attendance data?

Always fretting about who did and who did not come to work on the construction site? Cannot trust the supervisors enough to ease your tension? Let Time tracking of your Field workforce be the least of your worries. Manage remote site time and attendance through an accurate time keeper – A mobile attendance app which gives real-time insights into your mobile employees.

Monthly attendance Summary

Multiple entry points on remote sites?

Fingerprint scan, Face recognition, Manual register or Biometric Attendance software won’t be any help at a construction/marine/oil rigs/remote sites. Our construction time and tracking app will still give you precise data.

Time & Attendance App Features for the Construction Site

Employees in multiple Sites? Track Time with 0 investment