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Immediate Alerts

An alert is raised if an employee fails to clock in attendance. The Alerts along with emails are repeated for late Comers, early Leavers and people on Time off, missed Attendance Punches, outside Geo Fence etc. Ensure that your field staff is where they should be – ask them to punch their visits.

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Immediate Attendance  Reports
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Track Absenteeism

Were all your Marketers absent this Friday? How many customers did you lose? Were most of your HR employees late that Monday, when your company had important placements and interviews? Let all these things be just one of your bad dreams. Keep a track of the departmental absenteeism with monthly attendance summary.

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  • Filter reports on Date, Designations, Departments, Shifts or a particular Employee
  • Visits Report
  • Absentees List
  • Today’s Employees Attendance
  • Current month’s Attendance
  • Specific day’s Attendance
  • Early Leavers
  • Late Comers
  • Employees Overtime Report
  • Employees Under time Report
  • Monthly attendance Summary
  • Popular downloadable formats available – Excel, CSV, PDF

Keep track of your Construction site employees at multiple sites from anywhere. Not only do you get a count of the employees on each site but also their clock in & clock out time along with the location.

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Monthly attendance Summary

Biometric Attendance App for all Industries

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