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Clock in Clock out App: Convert your phone to a Biometric Machine. ubiSchool App offers the easiest and fastest way to track students attendance. Want to boost your teacher's productivity? Take a free trial!

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Just register your Institute. Configure profiles & classes. Track student time & attendance. Simple, isn’t it?

Mark class Attendance

Attendance of the whole class can be marked with the click of a button. This makes the student attendance easy.

Hassle free

No more cumbersome Attendance Register and all the paper work. No hardware or Software required.

Highly Affordable

Budget friendly App. 15 days Free Trial. Our App is subscription based. Low investment risk. Start with 5 Users.

One Stop Solution

Along with students attendance ubiSchool can also manage teachers, school staff & co-workers time & attendance


Our Student Time Attendance App caters to all institutes - schools, colleges, universities, academies & coaching classes. There is no restriction on the user limit.

Data Safety

Student attendance data is fully secured on cloud. No more fear of data loss.

Insightful Reports & Graphs

Track your students’ tardiness - late coming, early leaving and absentees with powerful reports.


The App grows with your school. Start with a very small group. You can even take just one month's plan to begin with.

Unparalleled commitment

Our dedicated support team ensures that queries of our clients are answered ASAP, on top priority. Client satisfaction is reflected in the repeat orders we get.

Geo Fence

Set up virtual boundary for students. Get insight on users who mark their attendance outside the fence.

Mail Alerts

The parents will get email alerts when their ward clocks in & clocks out. Child security can be established.

Global Experience

UbiTech Solutions is one of the Leading IT Service Providers. Top Companies all over the world – India, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, UK, US have been using our products for years.

Reliable Services

from 18+ years, 500+ clients, 20+ Countries With more than 500+ projects, 400+ global clients & service spanning more than 20 countries.


Add/Edit Classes, profiles, timings, weekly-offs & holidays.

Got questions? Contact us for more information or write to us at ubischool@ubitechsolutions.com

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