Skill Gap Analysis

Skill gap Analysis-HR Software

Skill gap Analysis - Competency Insights to nurture your talent pool.

The gap between the desired and current skill-set or competencies for every position is called Skill-gap. Skill gap analysis consists of - Competency insights to nurture your talent pool, analysis of Training needs. Through a detailed skill gap analysis, an organization can train their employees to groom them for the current roles. This exercise can also be used to fulfill the career aspirations of the high potential employees. By setting benchmarks for every position, all HR functions like recruitment, training and performance management get streamlined.

Competency-based HR Management

Define the desired competencies and levels for every position in the organization. Choose from pre-packaged competencies defined by HR experts. ubiHRM aids your retention strategy and motivated work-force. Hiring the right talent to training to optimal performance.

Competency based HR Management-ubiHRM
Training need analysis

Analysis of Training needs

Through a detailed skill-profiling for each job as the basis of the analysis of training needs, the software is geared to create an organization-wide skill-gap analysis. A customized report then gives a list of the skills that are considered crucial for business growth and personal career development of the employees. A ready reckoner of approved external training consultants determines the effective spend of the training budget.


In any HR function, reports are a key requirement of the job. Vital information gets fetched in minutes & HR can truly play the strategic role. ubiHRM’s forte is in providing easily customizable reports along with standard ones. What’s more – the reports and dashboards are generated taking into account the position and significance of that role.

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Skill Gap Analysis

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Skill gap analysis

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