Self Service Portal

Employee Self service Portal – Empower Employees

  • View & edit self profile
  • Access to personal documents
  • Reporting relationships and team information
  • Respond to Approval requests
  • Employment journey with key milestones
  • Attendance and leave summary
  • Get Notification for Upcoming events
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Self Performance Summary
Employee self service software-ubiHRM
Claim & Reimbursement-HR Software

Claims & Reimbursement

Configure the claim heads according to your organization. Upload the supporting documents to substantiate your claim. Reimbursement is systematic and easy.

Grievance handling

Attend to every employee grievance, complaints and suggestions in real time. Let your employees come up with critical feedback. Don’t let any grievances go unresolved. Build the employee trust to become the preferred employer.

Grievance Handling-Self service
Manage Leave application through self service portal- Best HR software

Leave Applications

An employee can apply for leave through the ess portal of ubiHRM. Employees can view only the leave that he is entitled to – the type & the number of days. All important details such as leave dates, full or half day, substitute, contact number during leave of absence and date of resuming are captured.

Employment History & Pay slips

Through the employee self service portal, an employee can access all the important personal and employment related documents. Employees can also view career milestones, official communication & print pay slips.

Document management-Employee Self Service portal
Document management system- self service portal

Document Request

Through the hierarchy based approval flow, a request for salary certificate or salary transfer letter is allowed. What is normally a drain on HR team’s time gets done with far more ease.

Other Features

Employees Self service

Easily access Attendance, Leave and Salary records.
Compensation & benefits-payroll management system Compensation & benefits-payroll management system
Self service portal system

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