Performance Management Software

Performance in a 9-grid dashboard

Now view the performance of employees in a 9-grid dashboard. Track the Employee’s progress through powerful reports. Analyze his growth. Spot his weak areas.

Performance management-Balance score-card

Balanced Score-card

Our Employee Performance Management Software module is built on the balanced score-card concept with 4 quadrants. We acknowledge that a well-rounded employee contributes to not just the profitability (product) but also manages people (People), compliance, process streamlining (Process), customers & vendors(Principal/Customer).

Performance assessment Process

Performance Assessment for all the positions across all stages such as Not started, In progress, Under Approval, Completed etc

performance management dashboard
Performance management Rating System

Performance Management Rating System

During Performance Management rating and the scores are defined for each position while setting objectives. To ensure umbiased rating the review process starts with self-assessment by the employee.

Performance Objectives

Performance objectives based on the position, the assessment period, levels, description of performance ratings, competency type, competencies and other criteria are defined.

Performance objectives
Hierarchy based Performance Management Process

Hierarchy based Performance Management Process

Performance assessment by designation, division and department. View the performance of any employee. The software automatically generates the performance reviews at the end of the performance cycle for the employee and the line managers.

The Performance evaluation process follows the pre-determined approval flow. We advocate performance to be reviewed by at least one level above the immediate line manager. At every level, there is a provision to justify the rating with comments & attachments.

Variable Pay Linking

Employee performance management software can be linked to the Variable Pay. Companies can identify & reward high potential employees. Helps in succession planning and Personnel development initiatives. Helps Business grow through unbiased rating, identifying poor performers & healthy employee turn-over.

Performance objectives
Bell curve based performance management system

Ideal Bell Curve

TPerformance rating is built on global standards of the ideal bell curve. The software captures the average rating of each employee to give a graphical representation of the deviation from the ideal bell curve or ‘Forced Distribution Matrix’.

Competency-based HR Management

Choose from desired competencies & levels defined by HR experts for every Job. Retain & motivate your work force to perform to the optimum levels. .

Competency-based HR Management
Skill-gap Analysis-HR Software

Skill-gap Analysis

The gap between an Employee's ideal and existing skill-set is called Skill-gap analysis. Through a detailed skill-gap analysis, an organization can spend the training budget optimally. Fulfill the career aspirations of the high potential employees by driving Performance.


In any HR function, reports are a key requirement of the job. ubiHRM’s forte is in providing customizable reports & dashboards along with standard ones.

Performance management reports

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Performance Management Software

Track Employee’s progress through reports. Analyse his growth.
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