Payroll Management System

Payroll management software - Generate salary, Update Payroll, Overtime Payments, Variable pay, Final Settlement, employee insurance & gratuity quickly

Payroll Dashboard & Reports

Talk of saving time and effort and ubiHRM is second to none hrms payroll software– The payroll reports & graphs are painstakingly chosen for MIS. The reports give details like salary structure, payroll generation, total cash pay, total compensation pay, overtime pay, personal loan pay in minutes.

Payroll management Dashboard
Generate payroll-HR Software

Generate Payroll

Preview the salary before processing it. Attendance, leave, personal loan, gratuity etc are linked to the online payroll software. Benefits, variable pay, overtime pay and deductions are taken care of.

Update Payroll

Payroll can be updated before the salary is finalized. The client can control the time limit for the Payroll amendments.

Update payroll-Payroll management software
Past salary records by top Payroll Management Software

Past Salary Records

An archive of entire Salary records is maintained. Generate salary transfer letters and certificates to collate all the information together. Employees can print past pay slips through the self-services.

Overtime pay

Overtime Pay can be added to the current payroll by fetching the data from the attendance module. Overtime amount is automatically calculated based on the employees shift, hourly rate and the number of hours. View the past overtime pay through the calendar and filter option.

Overtime pay management-Payroll Management System
Performance management module- Best Payroll Software

Variable - pay

The variable pay linked to the performance management module is automatically fetched. View the past variable pay for any period according to the division, grade, designation etc.

Final Settlement

Calculate the end of service benefits by the HR Payroll software based on the notice period, gratuity, leave details... Generate labour law compliant pay slips for final settlement at the time of employee separation.

Final Settlement-payroll management software
Provident/Gratuity fund management by salary Management Software


Gratuity amount is calculated real-time by our salary Management Software and is also linked to personal loan. Both gratuity & provident fund amount is payable to the employee at the time of leaving.

Compensation & Benefits

Structure your compensation and benefits in accordance with global standards & local laws. Define your salary structure according to current trends. Cull out parameters such as salary range, benefits and variable pay for all grades. Contact us for Payroll services in Dubai

Compensation & benefits-payroll management system

Other Features

Manage Payroll on the go

Staff can view & save Monthly Pay slips on the Phone. Convenient & Time saving.
Compensation & benefits-payroll management system Compensation & benefits-payroll management system
Compensation & benefits-payroll management system

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