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Mobile attendance App for real estate business

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Monthly Payroll report

Accurate Insight

Time and attendance data at a glance. Built-in reports developed in consultation with HR experts. Allows you to generate a vast number of Time, Location & Visits reports in click of a button. Keep accurate track of overtime & tardiness Get Pricing

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Track your field workforce

Ubitech Solutions solves the problem for the real estate & property management Business owners. Let Time tracking of your field workforce be the least of your worries. Manage employees time and attendance through an accurate time keeper.

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Track Absenteeism through attendance app
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Multiple location tracking

Mobile attendance app gives real-time insights of your Employees on move. Visits tracking allows you to track your employees client visits with time and location.

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Time & Attendance App Features for Real Estate

Get Employee location in real time!

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