Leave Management System

Employee Leave Management made easy

Leave calendar at a glance with relevant view for each Manager makes planning leave and attendance roster a ‘walk in the garden’.

employee leave management system
Setup leave for entire organization or for specific employees

Leave setup

You can setup leave for the entire organization or for specific Employees. No end to the types of leave that can be configured. Choose from a number of parameters - division, department, marital status, grade, designation, gender, religion … Leave pay Information like Full pay, Half pay or no pay can be stored.

Linking leave

Link leave to work week to manage leave with the attendance policy. The leave automatically gets mapped to the employee information. Specify overtime hours for easy payment calculations. Flexibility where it matters…

easy payment calculation with Leave Management software
Leave summary at a glance with Online Leave Management System

Leave Calendar

Leave Planner in accordance with business needs. Get the monthly leave summary at a glance.

Leave Carry Forward, Encashment or Lapse

The software will allow leave carry forward, lapse or encashment for employees as per the Company policy. The employee can withdraw or edit the leave before it gets approved. Even after the leave is approved if the employee changes his mind the unutilized leave can be deleted.

Leave Carry Forward, Encashment or Lapse
Annual leave data with best leave management system

Organization view of Leave information

Get the leave data of the entire Fiscal year in a single view – Leave utilized, Leave taken in advance…

Employees on leave today

You can get the list of all the Employees who are on leave today.

List of employees on leave by Top HR Software
Leave Summary of employees with Top Leave Management System

Leave Summary of each Employee

Managers who are in approval flow can view Leave entitlement & history for all employees in real time. Leave Summary pictographically represented for each employee.

MIS Tools for Online Leave management – Customizable Reports

Choose from a vast array of Standard in-built Reports or create your own reports through our report builder. Each of the reports can be converted to multiple formats like PDF, excel and CSV and emailed in a format of your choice. Specify your criteria and have a leave report generated in a jiffy.

MIS Tools for Leave management- Online HR Software
Leave utilization report in seconds by Online Leave Management System

Leave utilization Report

Just select the parameters like division, designation, time period etc. and get the leave utilization report in seconds.

Other Features

Leave Management made easy

Setup leave. Track & Approve Employee leave.
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Leave management system

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Get payroll integrated with attendance and leave.Simplify your day-to-day payroll process.

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