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Payroll Outsourcing Services

The benefits of payroll outsourcing far outweigh the cost of keeping your dedicated HR resource well-versed and updated about the ever-changing labour laws and nuances of payroll management.

HR & Payroll Software

Companies can factor their eventual growth plan when identifying a payroll software that have other critical aspects of HR management such as recruitment and on-boarding, time and attendance, leave management, HR performance management and training and development inter-linked. It is easier to cross reference information and enable funneling of all inter-related calculation through one medium.

performance management dashboard

Performance management-Balance score-card

HR Risk Management, Audit & Compliance

Non-compliance can put the companies at risk of huge fines and penalties that has both financial and non-financial bearings. Our payroll outsourcing solution is configured around the specific labour laws of all the countries of operation securing your ‘peace of mind’.

Payroll automation

Replacing manual payroll calculations with a sophisticated payroll application can save payroll manager cost and ensure compliance. Automated payroll process takes substantially lesser time freeing up time for strategic HR function that is more conducive to business growth. Our payroll services are totally automated so this is not a drain on the time of the HR personnel.

performance assessment

Performance management Rating System

Error-free payroll management

In-house managed payroll eliminates any errors due to miscommunication and lessens the time taken in coordination. ubiHRM’s one of the best payroll calculator software provides the companies greater control over their payroll.

Employee Self-Service Portal

With self-service feature, employees have access to personal information regarding salary increments, pay slips, deductions, benefits and reimbursements. HR service requests are minimized considerably. Information at the finger-tips empowers the employees and promotes a positive culture.

Performance objectives

Hierarchy based Performance Management Process

Insight into Companies Financial Health: Big Picture View

Big Picture View– By viewing financial data alongside manpower cost data, a true understanding of the health of the company can be obtained. Other analysis like how labour is affecting sales, the turn-over is impacting the bottom-line and recruiting affecting the profitability etc. helps the payroll manager

Save on Manpower cost

No need for a dedicated Payroll Manager –We offer a cost-effective and efficient payroll management freeing up your resources to focus on generation of revenue. Our services cost much lesser than the cost of an inhouse payroll administrator.

Link variable pay to performance management

Bell curve based performance management system

Payroll Integration

A payroll integrated with major accounting system also show insights into the trends of payroll cost across a period or division of the company etc. These trends can make budgeting and forecasting easy. These Payroll insights also help the company take the right steps towards its business goal.

Payroll Customization

The Payroll Salary software can adapt to the specific payroll date in the month – Our payroll calculator software allows processing of the salary according to the payroll policy of the company. There is provision to accommodate any changes as result of deductions or additions close to the payroll date.

Competency-based HR Management

Skill-gap Analysis-HR Software


Having web based HR payroll software in place can also help to make it easier for a company to adapt and take on more employees as it grows. New employees joining is the part and parcel of any successful business. Adding the new employees through the click of a few buttons including their compensation structure pre-defined in the software eases the work of the HR department.

Cloud based Payroll management software

Web accessible HR payroll management software are becoming increasingly preferred and cloud payroll software is no exception. More and more companies can see the advantage of cloud software that is accessible from anywhere.

Performance management reports


Skill-gap Analysis-HR Software

Manpower Budgeting in Payroll software

Manpower Cost is a huge element of the operating expenses of a business. We ease the work-load on the HR department integrating the monthly manpower cost to the all major accounting software and ERP in the region. The Manpower Cost Report in all its details is customized for major financial software such as:

  • Tally
  • Orion Software
  • SAP
  • Quick Books
  • Oracle
  • Zoho Books

WPS compliance

The UAE Labour Law necessitates salary processing in compliance with their Wage Protection System. Our payroll software is programmed to process payroll in line with the WPS. Payroll outsourcing works seamlessly for you while you are engaged in what matters most for your business – sales and business growth.

Performance management reports


Skill-gap Analysis-HR Software

Salary Conversion to SIF (Salary Information File)

In order to transfer the salary to individual employees’ bank accounts, the WPS files have to be converted to the payroll bank’s specified SIF format. ubiHRM has in-built payroll submission formats for the leading banks in the UAE like:

  • First Abu Dhabi Bank
  • Emirates NBD
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Union National Bank
  • RAK Bank
  • Noor Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai

Flexible Payroll Processing

Salary generation in batches, holding salaries and advanced filtering–ubiHRM payroll offers the option to process salaries in batches to suit different business. The sifting of the payroll of employees can be done choosing many parameters so the payroll is managed in accordance with the payroll policy.

Performance management reports


Skill-gap Analysis-HR Software

Payroll in Multiple currencies

Our payroll software is geared to handle complexity of payroll management of companies with global presence. Not only is the payroll processed in the local currency, it also handles payment in different currencies.

Vital HR & Payroll MIS

Sound business decisions are based on accurate HR analytics that can be pulled out with ease from the system. ubiHRM’s HR and payroll software provides customized reports to suit the needs of a wide range of industries.

Performance management reports