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HR management services for a smooth business growth

No more losing sleep over the ever-changing labour laws. Small companies have the same compliance requirements as big organizations. Their Personnel issues are the same as large companies. This is where we come in with our HR Management services.  Below are some examples where companies in UAE can be penalized heavily for non-HR compliance issues like non-payment of wages, deducting employment & recruitment fees, not subscribing to WPS, accommodation not conforming to approved standards.

Non Compliance IssuePenalty (in AED)
Incorrect information in WPS20,000 per wrong entry
Non-payment of wages for 60 days or more5000 per worker
Deducting employment & recruitment fees20,000 per worker
Not subscribing to WPS10,000 per case
Accommodation not conforming to approved standards20,000 per worker

Our HR management offerings

Professional Knowledge With over two decades of experience of serving clients in 16 countries our HR experts, cannot go wrong. Tap into our diverse and bespoke global human resource consultancy services.
Scalable – Start-ups to large Enterprises Scalable from 5-50,000 employees. Our HR management solution is designed to cater to diverse businesses across the world – recently launched companies, small to medium sized companies or big enterprises.
Low investment risk CIPD qualified Professional, Recruitment Expert, Labour law specialist, Comp & Ben Specialist available at a marginal cost.
Higher Profits With a drastic improvement in employee efficiency & retention, experience an improved bottom line. Increase productivity for your HR Department without having to reinvent the wheel.
Cost saving Free precious resources to focus on core business. Simplify HR management services – Start saving month after month.
Lower attrition rate Choose the right-fit candidates with HR Management Software. Manage employee issues effortlessly. A happier workforce is a surety. Ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities when an employee leaves.
Best HR practices Get global HR process standardization along with best Industry practices to make your HR resource more powerful than ever with our HR Management Services.
Adaptable & Flexible Choose from an a la carte menu of Human Resources IT services to suit your specific HR needs. Make your own success recipe. You can opt for a single competency or our entire range of custom HR management services.