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HR consulting by CIPD qualified HR Experts

HRM stands for Human Resource Management. In this process, the management aims to recruit, induct, develop, pay salaries and benefits, performance review and fulfill career aspirations of the human resources in the organization. We can help you frame the right company policies customized to your business or industry vertical. We can also help you implement our cutting edge HR management software so that you have all the employee data – personal details, leave records, payroll information, performance review yardsticks etc., at your finger tips. Pay for only the consultancy that is required by your organization – Take one or take all.
HR consulting

Legal Compliance Audit  Do not let Legal issues come in the way of the smooth business functioning. A small slip can cost you thousands. We can provide you with an updated, global standards compliant Human Resource Solution built by CIPD qualifies HR Experts.
Employee electronic Survey Use our HR survey tool to get employee feedback. Get an insight into team morale. Check management effectiveness with our HR consulting. We also have HR questionnaire templates for accurate assessment.
Planning workflows & Approvals Standardize the hierarchy through the meticulous planning of the approval process and work-flow across the board. Through our streamlined processes, your HR department can function like a well-oiled machine. Smooth operations. No confusions. No time lost.
Compensation & Benefits Structuring Low morale and ineffective team work hinder business sustainability. The key to a motivated and enthusiastic workforce is a fair, open, consistent and explainable remuneration and reward management software.
Employee Retention Is the alarming attrition rate a cause for concern? We offer professional employee relations and engagement strategy. Relieve yourself of the nightmares of a high employee turn-over.
Manpower budgeting We will plan your manpower requirement appropriately. Hire just the right no. & right kind of staff by hiring our Staffing Software for Professionals. Get more with less spend.
In-house Software Implementation Get smarter. Meet ubiHRM – Our labour law compliant HR management software.Our cloud based HR system can be accessed anywhere …anytime…even from your smart devices.
HR Policy & framework One powerful solution from recruitment to separation. We take care of designing corporate policies, HR manual and the entire official communication. Build your brand and keep it updated.
Powerful management Reports & Charts The HR team of every company can use our analytical tools to evaluate the HR function. Analyze the progress of employees. Track the weak areas which need tweaking.