Employee Information System

Employee data at your fingertips

The demographic representation of the employees across the board, at a glance, gives a fairly good idea of the talent pool and the diversity of the workforce. The Dashboard represents the statistical data related to employees in a 9-grid dashboard. The graphs are real time and update on any changes in the employee details. Track employee turn-over for insightful information. ‘Promote from within’ by maintaining a talent pool within the organization.

Employee information at fingertips with ubiHRM- HR software
Employee information at one place- HR software

Easy Employee Access

Employee data was traditionally stored manually in chunky files which occupied space and made finding information a tedious task. With employee database management software, the personal information of all employees is stored in easy to view tabs. Not only this, every employee has access to their personal and employment documents such as passport, work permit, national ID etc. A manager can view the personal files of his team with ease without having to request for details from HR.

Current Employees

The personal data of all the employees who are currently with the organization is stored in this module. This includes current information as well milestones in the career journey with the company. Vital information like the educational background, skills, contact details, company information, and salary transfer bank account is all stored.

Employee module – Employee information system
Ex- employee details at one place with ubiHRM


In a separate sub-module called ex-employees all the past Employee details are preserved in the data base drop down menu.

Under probation

Until the probationary assessment of employees is complete their information is in Under Probation tab. On successful completion of probation, an employee is confirmed and moves from this tab to the current employees section.

Managing probationary employees-HR Software
Manage promotion/demotion records with ubiHRM-HR Software

Employee Promotion

All the records of employees’ promotion or demotion are maintained in this module. This includes the date, designation, grade change, salary increment etc. These details are captured in the milestones of the employee’s journey with the company.

Workforce Grievances

All Employee grievances that are sought to be addressed can be viewed here. The grievance redressal follows the approval flow and finally comes to HR for intervention to ensure policy compliance.

Employee grievance management- HR software
Employee transfer management- HR software

Employee Transfers

All the records of transfers from one company or one location to the other or re-designation are maintained here.

Official Communication

Configure & track all the informational, appreciation, disciplinary letters issued to staff. The official letters are issued from editable templates. The issued letters are copied to the manager also and serve as proof for any labour law conflict.

Official Communication -ubiHRM
Severance-Human resource management system


Contains details of severance or separation such as – resignation, termination, end of term, retirement, the date, reason for leaving etc. Notice period can be configured.

Compelling and configurable MIS Reports

Clearly the USP of ubiHRM, through reports, every conceivable employee data, demographics, MIS based on parameters set can be fetched in a jiffy. Standard reports on the advice from top HR Consultants are provided. Unlimited reports can be created through the report builder. These reports can be converted to Excel, CSV, PDF, emailed or printed.

Compelling & configurable MIS reports with ubiHRM- Best HR software

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Manage Employee Records simply

Maintain a database of your employees' data
Compensation & benefits-payroll management system Compensation & benefits-payroll management system
Employee information management system

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