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Attendance on the fly for the Travel Industry

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Powerful Reports

Insightful Reports & Graphs. Track late comers, early leavers, absentees, employee’s overtime & under time with powerful reports. Unlike biometric machines - installation, bug fixing & updates are free. Our App is subscription based. Nominally priced /Employee/Month. Pay for what you use.

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Track Absenteeism through attendance app
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Missing attendance data of your mobile workforce?

Always fretting about who did and who did not come to work? Cannot trust the supervisors enough to ease your tension? Let Time tracking of your Field workforce be the least of your worries. Manage remote site time and attendance through an accurate time keeper – A mobile attendance app which gives real-time insights into your mobile employees.

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Track your staff anytime

The managers can track where the staff is at any given point of time. They have the remote control of his employees through our powerful attendance app.

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Monthly attendance Summary

Attendance App Features for Travel Industry

Manage all attendance data of your employees anytime, anywhere for
the travel Industry. Get insightful overtime & under time Graphical reports.

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