Client Stories

Red Entertainment Distribution finalizes ubiHRM as the robust HR Software with superior technology

Heading the entire operations of the group and given my technical qualification, it mattered to me that in the HR software I recommended, stability and the latest technology were in-built.

Ubitech's HR solution, ubiHRM is a robust software built using superior technology. Cost-effectiveness and 'value for money' are always key considerations for the group and without any hesitation, I would say, UbiHRM scores high in this regard as well. With ubiHRM, we have kept the HR team size small and engaged on aligning their services to the ever-changing needs of the business while ensuring that the employees' have their requests met through the self-service feature of the software. I vouch for ubiHRM as the ideal HR software for a policy-driven, cost-conscious and dynamic company.

" I vouch for ubiHRM as the ideal HR software for a policy-driven, cost-conscious and dynamic company”
HR Software clients Pramod Kattel – Group Director-Operations, Red Distribution, Middle East - Pramod Kattel - Group Director-Operations, Red Entertainment Distribution , Middle East

How KGT Communications automated its HR function with ubiHRM

Problem: Dubai based KGT Communications, a leading player in the telecom industry uses ubiHRM to manage its large and diverse workforce. Prior to engaging ubiHRM, critical HR aspects such as payroll, time & attendance and recruitment were predominantly managed manually. This was a drain on the HR resource and it was a constant struggle to ensure compliance and accurate record-keeping. MIS reports generation was becoming increasingly important to facilitate crucial business decisions.

Solution: Recognizing the need for an HR software to seamlessly integrate manpower cost to their Finance system, the management selected the engagement of Ubitech Solutions to provide them with an all-encompassing HR software. Ubitech’s HRMS, ubiHRM has made the HR management of KGT totally professional and hassle-free. The software has been configured to KGT’s well-defined HR policies and procedures and compels adherence to the policies. The software’s self-service feature has empowered the employees to have their HR requests met promptly.

" The suite of standard reports along with the software’s easy-to-create reports and dynamic dashboards gave the business managers the right tools to manage productivity and the manpower cost.”
clietns - Ronita Kamath, Assistant HR Manager, KGT Group, Dubai - Ronita Kamath, HR Manager, KGT Group, Dubai

Why Emerald Industries, a leading Construction Company in India, chose ubiAttendance

Problem: With the field force spread all over the country, the bio-metric attendance machine placed at the Head Office was not of much help in accurate attendance management. Implementing Bio metric machines at all sites locations – specially when some were temporary – was not feasible. Centralizing the data was also cumbersome.

Solution: Ubitech took this up as a challenge & deployed a highly competitive technical team. They developed an extremely user friendly mobile app for marking and tracking the daily attendance of employees based at remote locations.

The company can have detailed information like the time-in, time-out, location, and picture to validate the credibility of the marked attendance…. all of this in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, the software allows the generation of a vast number of customized reports thereby keeping an accurate track of overtime & tardiness. The data was integrated with HR software also provided by them.

" With ubiAttendance, the team can now mark their attendance with the click of a button. ”
clients - Sameer Chaturvedi, Senior Accounts Manager – Emerald Group of Industries - Sameer Chaturvedi, Senior Accounts Manager – Emerald Group of Industries

Nokia care, Pakistan manages its entire payroll through our HR management software

Ubitech provided us the freedom to choose features required for the smooth functioning of our day to day operations. Further, they customized these according to our specific needs. Ubitech's HR management system, ubiHRM has made HR chores substantially easier than what it used to be before its roll-out and implementation.

ubiHRM's customized reports have made critical decision making a lot more accurate and precise enabling HR department to present reality based glimpses. This has in one way or another enhanced the overall organization's performance.

Payroll management and processing including payments of Incentives, Reimbursements, P. Fund, Income Tax has become less time consuming and totally error-free. The payroll features have been integrated in a manner that it makes it easy to track and relate with employee working hours.

Overall it’s a great benefit. It won’t be an understatement if I said that while working on HRIS I realized that it has far exceeded my expectations and is proving to be an indispensable part of my HR function.

“ Ubitech’s client Support team came up with the most suitable recommendations to overhaul the existing outdated manual HR system.”
clients - Salman Akhtar, HR Manager, Nokia Customer Care, Islamabad, Pakistan - Salman Akhtar, HR Manager, Nokia Customer Care, Pakistan

Problem: Al GYR Technology hires extensively and round the year. The applicants were attracted through social media and would email their resumes to the HR department. The huge volume of candidates was managed manually making the process laborious and time-consuming.

Solution:Al GYR Technology engaged ubiRecruit to automate their recruitment and selection process. ubiRecruit provided them with a customized Careers page to advertise their positions. The jobs were posted in accordance with the manpower plan. They were able to attract a lot of applications with all the requisite details and the funneling of the information made sifting through the resumes a breeze. The candidates were segregated according to the specific criteria through the click of a few buttons. Hiring Managers were also involved to partake in the selection process, thanks to ubiRecruit's hierarchy-based flow. Interviews got scheduled with the Outlook integrated calendar, feedback got recorded and candidates moved from one stage to the other making selection effort-less. With ubiRecruit's social media integration, there was no dearth of talent for the company to choose from.

"ubiRecruit has reduced our hiring time by 50% and brought about greater efficiency and ease of selection. The best part is that the subscription-based software is easy on the pocket too. ”
clients - Smriti Shekhar, Recruitment Manager, Al GYR Technology - Smriti Shekhar, Recruitment Manager, Al GYR Technology