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Setup Kiosk for bulk Attendance

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It is super easy to set up ubiAttendance Kiosk mode! All you need is ubiAttendance App installed on a Smartphone or tablet. The device can be mounted on a wall or held by a supervisor. Track time from anywhere – surely & securely for offices, workplace, construction sites, manufacturing units.

Attendance App at kiosk mode
Employee ID card for Attendance

How to set up Attendance Kiosk?

  • ID cards with QR code are generated for all Employees
  • Employees scan their QR code IDs to quickly sign in the App
  • ubiAttendance captures Selfie of each Employee to avoid buddy punching
  • Along with Face, geo location is captured for more accurate records
  • Several users can login & mark attendance from a single phone
  • Time records can be punched by supervisors.

Get accurate Attendance insight

Time and attendance data at a glance. Built-in reports developed in consultation with HR experts. Generate the desired information with the click of a few buttons. Allows you to generate a vast number of Time, Location & Visits reports thereby keeping an accurate track of overtime & tardiness

Accurate Attendance insights

Biometric Attendance App for all Industries

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