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Attendance Dashboard

All your attendance MIS represented in dynamic dashboards. Summarized view of attendance data to interpret data by different angles. Spot the problem areas in the organization. Time and attendance data at a glance.

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Powerful, compelling and custom-made Attendance Reports

The Built-in reports in our attendance management system give you exactly what you are looking for. Developed in consultation with HR experts, there is no limit to the number customization with the click of a few buttons through report builder. Churn out all the required reports in minutes.

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Custom-made Attendance Reports by Attendance management system
Employee time record management  with top attendance tracking software

Spot late comers, Find early leavers, Identify regular absentees

Automate Time record keeping. HR managers spend less time on data entry. Our Attendance Software takes care of repetitive tasks. Filter of time and attendance data through division, function, shifts etc. Calculation of overtime pay has never been easier. Spotting habitual latecomers is effortless now.

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Payroll generation – a matter of immense effort?

Do you still generate payroll manually or through an outdated software which does half of the work? Get the payroll generated in accordance with attendance and leave in minutes. Our attendance management software automates the entire payroll generation process – from employee information management, maintaining timesheets to attendance & leave tracking to overtime calculation.

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Field staff Tracking – 4 ways

Punch Attendance & Visits through Phones

Punching Time in and Time out as easy as 1-2-3... Employees login through the smart phone. Just press the Time in/ Time out button to mark time. The app automatically registers the location of the employee. For added security the app also saves the selfie. The manager can track the visits of his sales or service team.

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Attendance management by Computers

Imagine having a world class attendance system with zero investment on hardware. Every organization already has a lot of desktops or laptops. Use them for managing Employees Time in and Time out. Ours is a highly flexible time management system that can work with any computer. Reduce the time and energy devoted to the clerical and managerial tasks of time keeping. ubiAttendance ensures organizational uniformity and transparency.

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Attendance management by integration with Biometric Time clocks

It is difficult to integrate the data from Biometric clocks with HR and payroll applications. We ensure that the attendance data through Biometric devices is seamlessly incorporated in our HR software. Our HR software is flexible enough to take care of different shifts and company procedures.

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Tracking Employee attendance through Supervisors

Use our Bulk Attendance System for marking the attendance of your blue-collar workers and the field workforce that work on remote locations in multiple shifts. We have a highly practical solution for tracking time and attendance of the remote workforce. Automated attendance records ensure time-saving on cumbersome data entry and accurate records.

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Attendance Management Software

Track Attendance, Time & location of Employees -24x7
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attendance management system

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