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Monitor Students & Staff Attendance

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Track Student & Staff Attendance

Whether time tracking is required for Colleges, Schools, Coaching classes or Private tuitions, ubiAttendance App offers the perfect solution to track attendance with time & location.

Track Absenteeism through attendance app
Track Absenteeism through attendance app

Curtail frequent absenteeism

Institutes are responsible for their students - they should easily be able to find out if a student is missing. It is also important to know whether a student attended a class or not. Frequent absenteeism can be totally curtailed. Minimum required attendance for each student can be ensured.

Quick & accurate Attendance

Attendance App for Education Institutes can track late comers & absentees. You can maintain quick & accurate Attendance reports for Staff, teachers, clerks, co-workers & Students.

Monthly attendance Summary

Time & Attendance manager for Students and Staff

Student Attendance tracking App for Universities, Colleges, Schools,
Coaching Classes or Private Tuitions.