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Try ubiAptitude

No more bad hires!

Try ubiAptitude

Aptitude Assessment System

Recruit in no time! Hire with ease….

Test employees or job applicants through ubiAptitude – a web based aptitude testing software. ubiAptitude is an online aptitude assessment tool to find the best talent suited for your organization. Now, find the best-fit candidates quickly & easily. Reduce bad hiring upto 80%. Increase Recruiting efficiency many times.

The pre-employment screening system can be used for testing job applicants. It ensures FOCE – Fair, Open, Consistent and Explainable approach to your recruitment and selection process. Even existing employees can be assessed through skill gap analysis.

Types of tests

Through our aptitude testing software you can provide a battery of tests to check the job-fit – verbal reasoning, numerical ability, communication skills, technical tests. The aptitude software helps test KSA – knowledge, skills and ability of the applicants. Through our aptitude testing the organizations can also setup psychometric tests that determine the attitude, culture-fit and behavior of candidates.

online aptitude testing software

Psychometric Tests

  • Anxiety Disorder Tests
  • Leadership Tests
  • Managerial Potential Tests
  • Personality Tests

Skill tests

  • Programming Tests
  • Tests for Electricians
  • Tests for Accountants
  • Tests for Architects

Cognitive Tests

  • Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • Analytical Ability Tests
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Thinking Ability Test

Language Tests

  • Content Writing Tests
  • English Comprehension Tests
  • Grammar & Spelling Tests
  • Verbal Reasoniing Tests

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