Gain access to world-class HR Outsourcing services

At a low monthly figure, you can outsource your Business HRMS Function to us. While we take care of your employee issues you can focus on what matters the most – growing your business. We offer premium HR expertise at affordable rates. Our HR services are meant for diverse businesses across all regions and industries. Our HR management function includes attendance management, recruitment, organization structuring, audit, payroll generation, performance assessment etc. We can manage either a part or your entire end to end HR function.

hrms - Increase company growth

According to an Employment index,Corporates outsourcing their HR services have grown faster by more than 7 percent than those using an in-house HR team.

hrms - Increase company growth

There is a significant reduction in employee turnover for companies using HR Consulting or Outsourcing services.

hrms - Increase company growth

Small businesses & startups survival increases by almost 40% with the help of qualified HR experts.

Why reinvent the wheel? Our HR outsourcing services are guaranteed to give you value for money. Whatever business you are in – Technology, Healthcare, Education... you are sure to be benefited. You would have to pay through your nose to get similar services through an in-house HR professional – not to mention the risk of missing a legal compliance requirement. A boon for young companies. A blessing for Small & medium enterprises.

Our HR outsourcing services are more than managing the HR function — it’s a must for a business that wants to focus on growth. It puts incredible power through graphical analytical tools. Makes even complex HR functions simple. You may choose to outsource single HR function or complete HR management.

Organization Structuring Make the best use of your workforce with a distinct hierarchy. Ensure uniformity & optimal resource utilization..
Employee Training We can automate the workforce training. Our technical team can render very effective learning through powerful IT tools and interactive knowledge sessions.
Employee Regulations Potential Legal liability or non-HR compliance looms large over business owners. One small slip can result end up in paying heavy fines. Breathe easy now. Your hard earned money will stay protected. Our experienced professionals stay on top of all the changes.
Compensation & Benefits Entrust your payroll, benefits, and compensation to us. Take care of your core business tasks. Free upto 30% of your time in a day spent in non-revenue generating activities.
Employee Self-service Help Employees help themselves. Share vital information like personal & bank details, leave summary, payslips etc. Easy and secure self-attendance marking of field-sales or remotely placed employees.
Payroll processing Global payroll processing services from HR experts ensure compliance & save companies from legal hassles.

Pre-employment tests Save time & money by smartly filtering job applicants through competency-based tests before you interview them. Accurately gauge the psychometric, skill, language, or cognitive compatibility of your workforce. Invest in this cost-effective online feature to shorten & smarten your selection process.
Performance management Track the Employee’s progress through powerful charts and reports generated through our world class HRM Software. Analyze the career growth. Identify and rectify weak areas. Create a performance based culture by linking it with variable pay.
Employee handbook We will make your day to day management task effortless by laying the foundation of corporate HR policies. Resolving employee conflicts and administration becomes painless.
Recruitment Services Automate your hiring process. Exclusive Suite of world class features to help you in your talent hunt. Right from professional job postings to capturing the right talent. Start hiring faster & better.