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hr software – Overview of

HR Software – Powerful together… Potent alone

Integrated HR Software that works exactly the way you want. Automate your entire Manpower function… make your company work like a well-oiled machine. Choose ubiHRM for single or multiple HR jobs… Performance management or Organization structuringPayroll generation or only leave management… Comp & Ben structuring or Skill gap analysis.Our HR management software works like magic to manage people and processes smoothly. All that you had dreamed of & hoped for your HR function. The software comes with Ubitech’s commitment to quality & service. Built in collaboration with HR & Recruitment Consultants with diverse experience.

HRM Software for companies – large and small

Our HRM Software caters to all the major Industries like IT, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, FMCG, Hospitality, Construction, and Staffing Agencies.
Cut manpower cost by 50% with our efficient HR solution

  • Options to suit any budget, any domain
  • Latest technology, World class user interface
  • Available as an integrated or modular system
  • HR Best Practices, Compliant with the local Labour Laws
  • Bulk action to send emails or shortlist multiple employees through a single click
  • Highly flexible and customizable to individual company’s requirements
  • Standard and editable email templates for increased efficiency
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting at your disposal
  • Subscription based, Platform independent software on the web
  • Multiple levels of security along with auto mirroring of data & backups

HR Software

A ubiquitous, integrated HR Management Software – All that you had dreamed of & hoped for your HR function more

Recruitment Software

Automate your entire Recruiting process from advertising the job openings to selecting the Applicants more

Aptitude Assessment System

Test hundreds of job applicants accurately, effortlessly. Get unbiased insights through preliminary assessment more

Attendance Software

Whether your employees are scattered in far flung locations or sitting closely in a single office – track their time records more

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